Achieving Cape Cod Style

     Cape Cod homes are a classic coastal home that originated in the 17th century in New England. Over the years, two distinct styles of cape cod came about. There’s the classic, original cape cod style that is modest and practical and the relaxed, Colonial Revival cape.


    A cape cod home has a few recognizable features. These homes are usually one or one and a half stories. They have a simple, classic shingle siding exterior with white trim. Big, double dormers to let in a lot of natural light and pilasters or columns focusing on the front door. They also have a symmetrical façade and a nice large centralized chimney.


   Achieving a cape cod style isn’t too difficult. You don’t even need to live in a cape cod home to have this timeless coastal style. Starting with the exterior, keep things simple and clean. Cape cods are built to be functional not very decorative. If you don’t live in a cape cod home, you can put shingle siding on your home to give it that classic look.

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    The interior of a cape cod home is similar to the exterior, simple and functional. Whites and creams are the colors to go with when choosing paint. You want to give the home a fresh, clean look.

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    Hardwood or whitewashed floors can be found throughout a cape cod home. These type of floors tie in very nicely with the simple, clean walls. If real hardwood floor is out of your budget, you can go with high end laminate that looks just like authentic hardwood flooring.

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   Décor and furniture tend to stay on the simpler side of things like the rest of the home. Furniture and rugs made from natural fibers such as, rattan or wicker, add texture to a room. They’re also durable and very comfortable to lounge in. Muted nautical décor and antiques add charm and character to the home. The great thing about cape cod décor is that you can use seashells you have found along the beach or neat antique finds which allow you to personalize the style.

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    Cape cod houses are a classic home style. Their simple elegance and cozy interiors are what make them so loved. Whether you live by the coast or not you can achieve a cape cod look anywhere. Another reason they’re so loved. 😉