Coastal Style Home Bar

    Home bars are a fun addition to any home and are great for anyone who loves to entertain often. A home bar is perfect for coastal homes. With the easy going feel of coastal life, an easily accessible place to mix a refreshing drink is a must.


   There are multiple ways to create a home bar. Built ins, cabinets, and bar carts are some of the options. One of the great things about home bars is they can be completely DIY. This makes them even more fun because you can put your personal touch on the look and style. 


    Bar carts are one of my favorite home accessories. They’re cute, good for small spaces, and are perfect DIY projects. Bar carts made of wicker, rattan, and other natural fibers tie in with coastal style and furniture. Since bar carts are generally smaller, there isn’t always a lot of space to add coastal décor. Seashells, starfish, and tropical plants and fruit décor are easy ways to dress up the cart without taking up too much space.

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    Built in home bars are great to use as focal points in a room. Living, dinning, recreation, and entertainment rooms are the perfect places to put a built in home bar. Since these rooms are used often putting a built in bar will eliminate the need to get up and go to the kitchen to make or get another drink. This keeps everyone in the loop on conversation and helps keep people connected and talking because they no longer have to leave the room to get a drink.               

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    Indoor-outdoor bars are perfect for coastal homes since the weather by the beach is always nice. With part of the bar inside and part of it outside, this style of bar nicely lets a party flow into the backyard. It also works great for separating the adults party from the children’s (just make sure to put some kid appropriate drinks out there 😉).

Image found on Pinterest & Photo by Warren Heath


     Home bars and coastal life are a perfect combination. They’re both give an easy-going feeling and are great home additions. With all the DIY options they make a home project fun! What type of coastal styled home bar will you add to your home?