Coastal Bedroom Retreats

   Everyone loves a peaceful bedroom retreat. A place to read a good book, somewhere to go at the end of the day and wind down. Coastal bedrooms are all about relaxing and feeling at peace.


    Coastal style is one of the most sought after bedroom styles. Achieving this look isn’t very difficult. A lot of it revolves around simplicity and being comfy, something we already look for in a bedroom.


   Soft color palettes give the room a serene feeling. Try to stay away from painting the walls bold colors. This will make the room feel energized instead of laid back. Creams, whites, and airy blues are the best colors to choose from.

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    Bedroom décor should be simple and sparse. We want the bedroom to be a retreat, a place to escape busyness. Too much décor will make the room feel cluttered and unpeaceful. A few weathered, nautical décor pieces will look great against the soft color palette.

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     If you have a deck attached to your room or enough space, create a reading area. If on a deck, get comfy, weather-proof furniture, a small table, and a basket to hold blankets for chilly mornings. If inside, setup a comfortable chair or lounge couch by a window looking out at the sea, have a small table nearby and comfy throw pillows and blankets. Inside you can also create a built-in reading nook to free up floor space.

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    Coastal bedroom retreats are the perfect place to getaway for a little while and relax. What’s more calming than the sea, a cozy room, and a place to read a good book?