Characteristics of an American Coastal Home

     Coastal homes are the essence of peacefulness and relaxation. Time seems to stop in these homes and they encourage an easy-going life. Coastal homes aren’t just for people who live by the coast. By knowing the characteristics of a coastal home you can achieve the look pretty much anywhere.


   Coastal homes are usually built on piers or pilings to raise the main floor above the ground. This is to prevent water from getting into the home by flooding or high tides. Not all of them are like this however. A coastal home features an open floor plan blending the indoors with the outdoors.

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   Another way coastal homes blend the indoors with outdoors is with at least one, if not more, decks or porches and large windows showcasing the shoreline. With such a pretty view and nice weather who wouldn’t want to be outside looking at the ocean all the time?

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    The paint in a coastal home is all about a simplistic and airy feel. You want to make the home appear bright and sunny, so dark paint colors won’t do. Crisp white paint is the predominate color in a coastal home. It works perfectly for creating that brightness and gives the home a clean, easy look. You can however use ocean and sky hues if plain white isn’t for you. If you decide to use blues, opt for pastel, washed out colors. This way the home still keeps that clean, easy look. You’re going to want to go for matte or honed paint finishes. These types of finishes don’t add gloss or shine. With big windows allowing lots of light to stream through you won’t need added shine.

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     Home décor for a coastal home should be simple and sparse. You want to give a care free feel to the home, with too much nautical décor it feels cluttered and claustrophobic. Coastal décor color does tend to stay on the white side like the paint but there is a little bit of flexibility allowing for pops of color. Worn and battered and natural “finds” is the type of décor to look for. Drift wood pieces bought at a store or found on the beach are great table centerpieces. Glass bottles, jugs, and old wine bottles that resemble sea glass are perfect for adding color. Seashells, starfish, etc. can be used to add color or blend with beautiful white décor.

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    A lot of coastal home furniture consists of or is made from natural fibers such as, wicker, cotton, linen, rattan, jute, and more. Furniture made from these fibers work well with the laid-back look of a coastal home and are sturdy.

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   Coastal homes are perfect for those who not only love the sea but love simplicity. They’re great getaway and vacation homes but they’re also wonderful everyday homes. What do you think of coastal houses?