Take A Step Into Mediterranean Coastal

    Mediterranean coastal brings up visions of colorful, sun filled houses nestled close to the beach. We can just picture it now, sand between your toes, ocean breeze, warmth of the sun, salty air, and feeling completely relaxed. Who wouldn’t want their home to feel like this? We pulled together some of the key elements of Mediterranean style and ways you can incorporate it into your own home.


    Colors for a Mediterranean coastal home range between bright and colorful to aged and earthy. The nice thing about this color range is that it suits both those who like brighter colors and those who like more muted colors. The contrast of bright and muted also work well blended together. So, don’t feel like you have to be limited to only a few colors or shades, these homes have it all!

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    Mediterranean homes exteriors generally have a lot of detail. Windows, doors, gates, fountains, beautiful landscape, etc. Ironwork is common to use for gates, on doors, and on windows. For a traditional look, use lots of scrollwork in the iron design. Fountains are great to use as a statement piece and is an essential part of Mediterranean style. Use drought tolerant plants like succulents and olive trees. Succulents are great for adding pops of color to your landscape.

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    Texture is everywhere in a Mediterranean home. Stucco walls or raised plaster is often found on the interior and exterior of the homes walls. Wooden beams can be found on the ceilings adding a rustic touch. Natural materials are used in rugs and fabrics for furniture. The textures give the home character and help make the home look more unique and laid back.         

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    Mediterranean furnishings tend to be more rustic in style. They’re either made of wood or wrought iron and are usually very sturdy. If using furniture made from wood, look for a dark wood color and hand carving. Mediterranean furniture add to the whole feel of the home and give it a beautiful look.

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   Tiled floors run throughout a Mediterranean home. They’re great to use for pops of color and adding pattern. Tiles may also be used on stairs or framed on a wall as art. They’re beautiful and helps give your home that coastal feel.

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     Décor for a Mediterranean home brings in lots of colors. Hand painted pottery, house plants, burnished bronze urns, and subtle coastal décor. The pottery can be used for vases, dishes, and decorative pots or bowls. For the coastal aspect in décor, keep things simple. Seashells, starfish, and other coastal décor items are great to use in small quantities. Another option to add a coastal feel is using coastal inspired art. This works well to show the coastal style being incorporated without going over board.

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    Mediterranean coastal homes are full of life and vibrancy! They bring the calm, relaxing feel of the beach and the incorporation of cultural styles into play. We just love the uniqueness each Mediterranean coastal home has!