Coastal Thanksgiving Table Settings

   It’s almost Thanksgiving Day! We’re all excited to spend the day with our family and eat some good food. While we’re getting the food and gearing up for all the cooking the day of, our tables also need a little prepping too.


    Coastal thanksgiving style is very beautiful and easy to incorporate into your Thanksgiving table decor. We pulled together some ideas to help you get your table Coastal Thanksgiving ready!


     First thing to do is learn how to set a table correctly. Whether you are serving several courses or not setting the table in the correct formal way looks nice and classy. To get started, lay down a charger plate first. This is a big plate that acts like a base for other dishes. It should be noted that you don’t have to use a charger plate if you don’t want to or if you don’t have one. Next, lay the dinner plate on top of the charger and put the napkin on top of the dinner plate. Add the salad plate on top of the napkin. For utensils, the knife and spoon are placed to the right of the plates and the dinner and salad fork are placed to the left. The wine and water glasses are placed to the right above the plates and the bread plate and butter knife are placed above to the left with the butter knife laid on the bread plate. The dessert fork and spoon are centered above the plates.

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Now that that’s done, let’s get to the décor!


   Rustic elements create a beautiful, woodsy feel, even if you live right by the beach! Use driftwood pieces, white painted pumpkins, a burlap table runner or placemats, and of course, some delicate, neutral colored sea decor. Sand colored or neutral plates, glasses, and utensils add to the rustic, beach feel.

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    For a more elegant style, use grayish blue hydrangeas, white or light blue colored sea décor and white or light blue painted pumpkins. Tall, thin candles or candles in sea glass holders add a touch of class to the table. Use a mix of white and light blue plates, patterned or solid, to keep the elegant style going. A crisp, white table cloth looks beautiful and classy.

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    Put some coral color in there! Coral accents give the space that classic coastal feel. Use it in flowers, décor, placemats or table runners, etc. Patterned or solid coral plates look beautiful paired against sharp, white plates.

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     A few other décor options you can incorporate on to your table are, dried wheat in vases, Fall/Thanksgiving signs, seashell dishes, and berries/nuts. Signs can be hung on a wall near the table or if they are small enough they can be placed on the table. Berries help bring in a little accent of color.

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     Mixing coastal and thanksgiving styles is a great way to create a unique and beautiful table setting. There are so many options! We hope this blog post of ideas will help with your Thanksgiving table décor!