Coastal Contemporary

     Contemporary home designs have become increasingly more popular over the years. People are getting rid of a clutter of décor and are opting for more of a minimalistic point of view. Coastal homes have taken on this trend and we are loving the way contemporary elements are being added to these homes!


   Contemporary design is all about simplicity and clean lines. The shape of contemporary homes tends to be more of a rectangular, boxy shape with a flat roof. Sticking to being simple, heavy ornamentation is not found on the exterior (or interior) of these homes. The exterior paint color is usually similar to the homes surroundings, so for coastal contemporary, the home may be painted in a beige color resembling the sand.

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    In coastal and contemporary design, the homes have an open floor plan. The rooms are meant to feel like they blend with each other, flowing into the next. This makes the home feel airy and unobstructed. Paint colors inside contemporary coastal homes stay along the lines of neutral colors like deep woods, and whites/creams or monochromatic palettes, both allowing for accents of color. Flooring also tends to adhere to neutral or chromatic colors.

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     With contemporary style comes minimalistic décor and furniture. Geometric shaped and mid-century styled furniture   is what you should look at. Find styles that adhere to your homes color scheme and have a little bit of a coastal look to them. For décor, keep it as uncluttered as possible. While there is a lot of pretty coastal décor and seashells to decorate with it is best to use only a few pieces in a room. Statement art that resembles the oceans waves or other coastal inspired scenes can be placed as a focal point in a room.

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       We love the way contemporary style looks in a coastal home. It gives a nice spin to the traditional coastal home look and feel. Even with being contemporary and up to date, coastal contemporary homes still maintain the same peacefulness and calming feel as a traditional coastal home. Be sure to check out this home trend and let us know in the comments your thoughts!