Scandia Surf – Scandinavian Coastal Homes

      Scandia surf design is perfect for those who love Scandinavian design. It is a beautiful take on coastal style incorporating the simplicity and minimalistic aspects of traditional Scandinavian design. If you live by the coast or not, it is a great style idea to use in your home and it can be achieved anywhere.


    Like most coastal homes, Scandia surf design uses local, natural materials. Sisal, rattan, and other natural fibers are used in furniture, baskets, and rugs. The natural fibers and materials bring texture to a room and add a touch of warmth. White washed or light, worn looking wood floors can be found throughout the home.

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     Scandinavian design usually uses light and airy color palettes for the whole home. These colors are perfect for coastal homes. Since coastal design is based on creating a sort of oasis, a place that feels calm and relaxed, these soft colors help achieve that feeling.

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     When it comes to décor for Scandia surf, go easy. In Scandia surf and typical Scandinavian design, the homes are kept uncluttered from décor. With keeping things simple, this doesn’t mean your home will look plain or boring. Subtle color can be incorporated into your décor. Vintage pieces are great for a unique touch. Driftwood and a few seashells add that coastal touch to the room.

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    Scandia surf style is a great way to spruce up your coastal home. It’s simple and laid-back design makes it easy to incorporate the style into your home and gives the home a beautiful new look.