Tropical Beach Escapes

    Visions of far off lands, tropical breezes, the ocean, and calmness come to mind when we think of tropical beach homes. We love tropical homes for vacation purposes and everyday life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical paradise?


      Tropical homes are all about colors and patterned wallpapers. Bold and soft colors are used together to add contrast or they are used separately to brighten a room or soften it. Patterned wallpapers can be bold or soft as well depending on the look you want to go for. Look for wallpapers with palm founds, banana leaves, and other tropical plants on them.

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     Like many coastal homes, tropical homes make use of a lot of natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and sisal to name a few. These materials can be found in furniture and rugs and are great for adding texture to the room. Speaking of natural elements, tropical homes have a handful of large leafy plants around the house. This brings nature into the home and resembles the tropical forestation.

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      While tropical homes are full of vibrancy, it is good to use ethereal accents to break the home up and give a light and airy feel. In the bedroom, bed canopies or netting make the room seem light and breezy. Lighter colors and less patterns will divide the room up from the vibrancy around the house. Keep with the same natural material furniture, rugs, and house plants to still give the room that tropical feel.

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     When decorating a tropical home look for nautical and cultural inspired décor items. These pieces are great for making the space unique. Tropical artwork works well alongside the cultural and nautical décor or as a statement piece.

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    Tropical homes offer a relaxing getaway whether you’re in a far-off land or not. There’s plenty of room for customization and fun with color and patterns. We love the laid-back style and feel. How about you?